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Ross Power has been creating public sculpture for prominent locations throughout our country and around the world for more than 40 years.

Born 1950 in Brooklyn NY his creative journey lead to San Antonio Texas where he studied art at Trinity University. Whether painting on canvas or creating sculpture his scale has always been in monumental proportion. His art is message oriented, having a social conscience, environmental awareness, finding balance and a deeper understanding of our place and purpose in life; these themes reoccur throughout his work.

In 1985, Mr. Power created the world’s first undersea art gallery. His monumental stainless steel sculptures were airlifted miles out into the Atlantic Ocean then anchored to the ocean floor where they remained for two years becoming a part of the ocean environment. This brought international media attention and created a platform for Ross to speak, bringing awareness of the need to better understand, respect and protect our oceans and our world's environment. These sculptures, now retrieved from the ocean, are on display in his two acre sculpture garden at Florida International University, Biscayne Bay Campus, Miami Florida.

Some of Ross’s commissions can be seen in such prestigious locations as the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Maui Hawaii, MGM Film Studios corporate headquarters, Las Angeles California and the Gran Hotel Son Net, Mallorca Spain.

Ross has been working from his Vero Beach Florida studio since 2004. His environmental focus remains on protecting our ocean and most urgently the need to save the Indian River Lagoon.

This passion is only matched by his deep commitment to increase our social conscience by honoring our war veterans. Currently, he proudly speaks on behalf of our Iraq/Afghanistan war veterans through his art and is creating a monument on their behalf.

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