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"T-Wall" - The Symbol of Safety.
CombiningT-walls With Words

Let’s give to those who have given selflessly. 

It’s time to create a monument honoring our Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans.


The Next Generation Veterans of Vero Beach have commissioned a monumental sculpture to be installed in Riverside Park poised between our Museum of Art and the entrance to Veterans Memorial Island. We realized that there are but a few monuments nationwide representing our men and women who have, and still are, fighting the longest war in U.S. history – it’s time!


WORDS FROM WAR is a monument being created by renowned sculptor Ross Power and stands more than 9 feet tall and 18 feet in diameter. Over 48,000 pounds of precision cast concrete is being used to replicate T-Walls, the symbol of safety known by all desert combat veterans. Forty-eight words are boldly cast into the three monolithic walls, words that come directly from the Iraq/Afghanistan combat veterans who have engaged in deeply personal interviews with the artist. 


Over the past two years, artist Ross Power has immersed himself with our young veterans who have served in the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. So impressed with their selfless service, he will be giving a financial contribution equaling half his commission to the Indian River County Veterans Council for all their great work supporting our local veterans in need.


We hope you feel the depth and magnitude of this project and can support our efforts with your generous donation. 


Our fundraising challenge is $300,000.00 – become part of this historic tribute!
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