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Our Project Team

The project team consists of the Next Generation Veterans board of directors and the artist. This team, along with our advisory board and countless other supporters, are dedicated to bringing this powerful work of art to Vero Beach as a historic monument.

Bruce Cady

Bruce serves as President of Next Generation Veterans,Inc. 

Bruce _ Airshow.jpg

Kim serves as the marketing coordinator of Next Generation Veterans, Inc.  

Kimberly Palazzolo
Col. Patty Ryan (RET)

Patty is the Next Generation, Inc. board Treasurer. 

Next Gen Website Profile-Bio Pic Leydi.j
Leydiana Collins

Leydiana is the team's Secretary. 

Advisory Board

Cindy O'Dare                       Barbara Hoffman

Tracey Zudans                     Laura Moss

Roger Walker                       Jim Edgar

Joyce North                         Marty Zickert

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